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Advanced visualization tool to view omic, biomarker, imaging, patient's clinical data across the timepoint in one view.


    At iNDX Technology we leverage state-of the-art technologies to create a single data repository for all data types generated during I/O trials. This data includes information from molecular assays, cellular assays, radiology and pathology assessments, clinical assessments for adverse events. The integrated data is standardized and normalized so that the user can make useful conclusions related of safety and efficacy of immunotherapeutic drug.

    Features of iDiscovery:

  • Interactive visualizations to connect disconnected data silos.
  • Single Patient View (SPV ) shows an integrated view of IHC, flowcytometry, Cytokine, NGS, radiology, pathology datasets to figure out response and expression of genes & markers over treatment cycles.
  • Single Study View (SSV) help you find micro-trends involved in response to immunotherapy agent.
  • Collaboration module allows seamless communication with other members of the team (e.g. site investigators, lab directors etc).
  • Helps you draw meaningful conclusions and accelerate immunotherapy discoveries.