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We have developed a fully automated process to manage and track patient biopsies and other samples.


iNDX Technology has developed a solution for clinical trial sample and consent tracking. This solution is currently used by Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy to manager their own sample tracking operations at 6 different institutes across united states. It empowers study teams to monitor the health of clinical trials from a sample-centric perspective across the distributed ecosystem of sites, labs, vendors, and biobanks.

Features of iTracker

  • Automated reconciliation of planned vs. actual biospecimen collection and shipment.
  • Up-to-date, Real time biospecimen tracking across network of clinical trial sites, partners and vendors.
  • Notification on logistics details, resolution of operational issues for trial biospecimens.
  • 100% user-configurable search and report on All data points.
  • Scalable data standardization and integration across multiple sources – without programming.
  • Computable patient consent, improving in-trial and future-use sample utilization.