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Who we are ?

    Based in Silicon Valley, we are a highly motivated team of Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers and Data Scientists with the mission to develop innovative software products, help our collaborators find a Cure-for-Cancer and make a societal impact, globally. Founded by experienced management team with proven track record of founding 5 companies, raising over $50M in investment and creating over $500M of exit value.

Problems we are solving

Immuno-oncology clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex due to:
  • Data silos for multi-omic, imaging and clinical data: These data sets are generated by different laboratories with different parameters and formats; Often these datasets are not integrated with patient metadata and other biomarker data-sets.
  • Limited ability of the current systems to interrogate with high throughput sequencing, molecular, cellular, imaging data.
  • Researchers spend weeks to integrate these datasets with patients records, identifiers & other datasets to draw conclusions.
  • Just a single analysis can take weeks of time.
  • Along with that time wasted in performing biospecimen tracking and associated data analytics takes long time (2-4 weeks)
  • Communication and file sharing with team members are becoming complex as trials are increasingly becoming multi-site across multiple countries with multiple specialized labs involved
  • Limited effectiveness of trials →high risk of trial failure!

Our Solutions

iNDX provides a cloud based, deep biomarker data interrogation solutions for immuno oncology trials that:
  • Allows deep data integration across multiple omic, imaging, EDC, clinical data sources.
  • Leverages NLP, AI, ML in cloud computing for data management and advanced data analytics and interrogation.
  • Automates biospecimen tracking workflows providing actionable insights for trial operations.
  • Reduces the time and dependency on the resources by allowing access to curated, raw data in the real time environment.
  • Provides efficiency in drawing biomarker insights!
  • Helps sponsor manage their trial in house!